Homemade Ice Cream that everyone loves!


Well before the deluge of commercial manufacturers, ice cream was an extravagance, made in small batches through an achingly slow, labor-intensive process. Today, ice cream is king. Little kids long for it, summer virtually belongs to it, and other desserts are even sauced with it. But where can you go to avoid the corporate mongers and find the ice cream of your youth? Simple: Hank’s.


A Houston institution for 20+ years, Hank’s has always produced ice cream the old-fashioned way: slowly, by hand, using fresh ingredients. The bright and humble parlor showcases eighteen delicious flavors each day, rotating from a list of nearly 100. Devotees swear by the butter pecan -- but really, you can’t go wrong with any flavor. I love the dulce de leche, cake batter, and chocolate chip. Beyonce always gets banana pudding :)

Bluebell is good, yes. But Hank’s is a true ice cream experience: An intensely creamy, achingly rich, addictively tasty dessert served with a side of nostalgia.


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Services Overview

Hank's Ice Cream provides delicious Homemade Ice Cream for all types of events.

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Address: 9291 S. Main St • Houston
Phone: 713-665-5103
E-mail: info@hanksicecream.com