About Hank's Ice Cream

Hank Wiggins and his wife Okemah opened their ice cream parlor in September 1985. Since the begining they have made super-premium flavors that capture the taste and appeal to the public eye. heir recipe list streaches more than 100 flavors long with 16 flavors usually available on any given day.

When Hank was younger, his mother and grandmother owned a small cafe that served cakes, pies and ice cream. Hank was the taste tester. So the love and the passion for ice cream has been a part of the Wiggins family for many years.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create innovative premium-flafored ice cream and serve the public, the community, and area businesses. We take pride in the quality and care of our ice cream. We offer a plesant atmosphere for the entire family to enjoy.



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Services Overview

Hank's Ice Cream provides delicious Homemade Ice Cream for all types of events.

Contact Us

Address: 9291 S. Main St • Houston
Phone: 713-665-5103
E-mail: info@hanksicecream.com